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We work with community-local organizations to supply renewable, LED solar-powered lighting and energy solutions directly to where they are needed

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We believe in a sustainable world, where life can thrive

Over 1.6 Billion people still live without reliable access to electricity, clean water, sanitary cooking facilities, or the resources necessary to grow food for themselves or their families. Using the power of renewable energy and revolutionary LED light solutions,
the Global Lighting Project is on a mission to change that.



About Us

Global Lighting project is a 501(c)3 non-profit that is on a mission to ensure all people have access to light, electricity, clean water, and sanitary surfaces using cutting edge LED light technology.
The team at Global Lighting Project researches, builds or purchases, and transports this LED technology to local organizations working in the communities we seek to benefit. We act as a supplier, distributor and educator for these local groups, donating LED light kits and educating them on how the technology works, so that they, in turn, can bring that knowledge and technology to their communities to share and teach others.

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Bringing Light, the capacity to Grow Nutritious Food, and Clean Water Using LED Light Technology

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Lighting the way for Homes, Schools, and Businesses with White LED Lights

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Growing Healthy Vegetable Gardens Anywhere with RGB LED Lights

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Supplying UV Disinfecting LED Solutions To Where They're Neded Most


OUR Mission

What We Do


Supply and Distribute LED Tech to Community Organizers


Teach Sustainability, Renewable Energy, & Technology Training


Research & Development: Looking Toward the Future

The World Changes Together,
No One Can Do It Alone.

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Global Lighting Project is a certified 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

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